Their Bones Are Made of Sparkles

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Make sure you spend six being as sixish as you can possibly be so when you turn seven you don’t have any regrets. —Ella’s violin teacher

When I look up from whatever it is I’m doing and see her standing there in her bare feet, tie-dyed PJ’s, wild hair and Joan Crawford lips—it’s gone way beyond a love affair. My heart balloons outward with this crazy love for her, and with appreciation for this wonder-filled, sixish time in her life.

Six-year-olds are: magical, wild, curious, open, innocent, playful, honest, lovers of nature—but they are so much more, and I’m at a loss for words to describe them. But Ella can. She said, “When I was born, God told me I’d be beautiful on the inside so my bones are made of sparkles.”

That’s how you describe six-year-olds. Their bones are made of sparkles.

Step 1: Ella gets into the lipstick.

Step 2: Pippi gets smooched.







Step 3. I get smooched.



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  1. So sparkles… I guess I shouldn’t be to strict on Cid about what is in the real world… I like Ellas creative views…



  2. Love the sparkles!



  3. Absolutely precious. And I can relate to the heart swelling. Some days I want to press “Pause” on the passing time of these priceless years.



  4. I love this Ella quote! It brings a tear to my eye, seriously. I’m really going to miss seeing her every day!
    Twitter: TheBareMidriff



  5. One of my favourite posts of yours.
    Twitter: januarydawn1



  6. “Their Bones Are Made of Sparkles – Momalog” genuinely makes myself ponder
    a small bit extra. I really loved every single section of this blog post.
    Thanks for the post -Boyce



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