I’m Disappointed That Thin Mints Have Crack In Them

I posted a last-minute screen grab I gotthe other day - a picture of the label on a box of Thin Mints that shows they have crack in them. I need to say that I’m feeling deflated about how many hits that silly snapshot is getting. It reminds me a lot of Fiona’s popular recipe for Cranberry Orange Sauce that took us under 10 minutes to write and was another fluke post that got throngs of readers. I just don’t get it. The ones you pour your heart into and that take two days to craft and then edit don’t seem to get as many hits as the ones about crack in Thin Mints. Meh.

This morning's search stats.

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  1. yeah. . . that’s life in blogosphere. Either everyone seems to flock to the posts you care least about, or they comment on the exact wrong point in the post.
    Twitter: blogginglily