The Invisible Children of Uganda

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This is a movie made by filmmaker Jason Russel of Stop Kony 2012 to bring attention to what Joseph Kony has done to over 30,000 children in Uganda – kidnapping them and forcing them to become child soldiers. Please watch this film and spread the word – pass it on, sign the petition, donate if you can, tweet about it, write about it. The goal is to get the word out through social media and make Joseph Kony so well-known that he will be stopped in 2012.

Let’s do this. 

How You Can Help

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  1. The Invisible Children of Uganda: #stopkony #invisible children



  2. #stopKony The Invisible Children of Uganda



  3. I’m sharing this EVERYwhere!
    Twitter: xlmic



  4. Great creation, I do love to share this action to my friends in order to help our children at Uganda…



  5. I am embarrassed to admit, I have not watched this yet. But, I am going to watch it. Today. Right now. Here. Thanks for sharing!
    Twitter: SharonPfeiffer



  6. I was sobbing while watching this yesterday but was glad I did and made it through the whole thing. These kinds of crimes against children are the worst see or read about but it’s so important that we know and take action to help if we can. I shared this all over as well. Thank you so much for sharing the link on Twitter (which is what got me to watch it).
    Twitter: mommy_padawan



  7. That Kony is unforgivable. Sure, it would be my pleasure to watch and share this movie. I’m so looking forward to this.. Thanks for sharing!



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